the 10 habits of influential leaders by
brian rollo

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What are the habits of successful leaders? The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders will guide you through the essential habits to transform your leadership and your results.

About the book

The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders is an actionable guide that will help you create teams focused on performance, productivity, and happiness. In this easy-to-follow road map, leadership coach and organizational culture expert Brian Rollo reveals what really works. Leadership can be more rewarding and less stressful, and you can be someone’s dream boss. The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders will help you get there. 

What you'll learn

3 Reasons You Should Read The 10 HABITS OF INFLUENTIAL LEADERS

Just another leadership book? Hardly.

Your title, qualifications, and education aren’t what motivate people to follow you. Those things might get people to show up, but they won't make anyone really care. Influence is the only way to achieve sustainable leadership success. 
It's the ability to help people perform better because they want to, not because they have to. 

Most workplace leaders never reach their true potential. They are stressed from constantly putting out fires. They wonder why their team doesn't hit goals. They long for the time when they can lead a team made exclusively of self-motivated high performers, but that day never seems to come. This book is the shortcut to success.

Here are three things you’ll get when you pick up The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders.
  • 1

    Lead yourself first.

    The journey starts with you. Develop the ability to be seen as the calm in a storm. When turmoil comes, you will be the person people turn to for guidance.
  • 2

    Generate trust in every relationship.

    Confidence is hard to come by these days. What's your leadership Trust Score? Learn the formula to earn and keep your team's belief. 
  • 3

    Master conflict.

    The key to moving through resistance isn’t bravery, it isn’t intelligence, and it isn’t your reputation. It’s one thing — the ability to master conflict. Stop turning a blind eye to problems and start generating solutions.

Meet the author

brian rollo

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Brian Rollo spent a career helping leaders build their skills and improve their workplace cultures. A consultant by trade, Brian also counts being an author, coach, podcaster, and speaker among the ways he delivers leadership success. He wrote The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders to help executives and managers skip the suffering of leading disengaged employees and create a shortcut to happy and productive teams.


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