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When I started as a full time artist I never dreamed of the ideas, challenges and opportunities that confronted me over the years. I simply wanted to paint and sell paintings. So much more happened along the way. This Book Bundle contains two books: 52 Weeks of Creative Living and the other, An Artist's Survival Guide. 

About the bookS

In An Artist's Survival Guide I describe the beginning of my new career as a full-time artist. Then a series of lessons, experiences and insights that helped me along the way. This theme continues in 52 Weeks of Creative Living. The idea is to have a weekly dose of inspiration and a reminder that creativity is a calling that must be heeded. Both books are a fun read whenever you feel like touching base with your creative nature. 

What you'll learn

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What does it feel like to live a creative life? How to thrive in mind and spirit while also making a living? How to overcome adversity, self-doubt and your creative blocks? All of these and much more is covered in the many essays within the books. Read, think and renew your creative spirit.
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    Are you ready to be an artist?

    Is this the correct question? What do you need to do? I dive into may issues that keep us disconnected with our creative natures. The key is awareness.
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    Retire or Re-Invent?

    Why the idea about work and retirement is outdated. How do artists change the script and live a fuller life?
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    How to face your detractors and rise above them

    To be an artist, whether full-time or part-time means coping with naysayers too. There are many examples and how to move past these potential blocks.
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    Remind Yourself of what is important

    There are many benefits to a creative mindset. The lessons described in these books provide a steady series or reminders about staying on course.
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    Find your voice

    Sometimes all you need is to connect with a kindred spirit. Discover how to describe your own art spirit to others who need to hear it.

Meet the author

Malcolm Dewey

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Former attorney and lifetime artist, Malcolm finally achieved his goal to become a full-time artist. Painting professionally for about ten years has taught Malcolm a few things about creativity. Not to mention coping with all the hurdles of running an art business. These books incorporate some of the lessons learned along the way. Malcolm lives in South Africa with his wife and three boys.

Experiences in the life of an artist

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