Anna, Kid Engineer by Shenek Alston

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It is once again time for the Science Fair. Anna isn’t excited about the event because of the embarrassing projects she came up with during her 3rd and 4th grade years. Anna likes to tinker, but what does that have to do with a science fair project? In the process of trying to figure out a project, Anna discovers that she is a kid engineer!

About the book

It was once again time for the annual Science Fair at East Creek Elementary School. Anna wasn’t excited about the upcoming event because of the embarrassing projects she’d come up with during her 3rd and 4th grade years. This was her last year of elementary school, and she wanted this year to be different. Anna loved to tinker and make new things out of old toys she found at yard sales, but what did her tinkering have to do with a science fair project? Read more to find out if her 5th-grade science fair project turned out to be amazing, a flop, or somewhere in between!

what people are saying about Anna, kid Engineer

Great Children's book. My daughter loves this book. I have read it to her 3 times a night since we received it. -- Mike

We feel they (the Anna and Andre books) are both awesome! Very inspiring for the kiddos. L got a tinkering kit from (his) grandparents b/c of your first book. -- Jenny

I LOVE Anna because she experiences challenges just like my kids; she gets excited, she freaks out, she puts in a ton of work, and she shines! The story is about a science fair, but the lessons she shares are for (many) adventures kids face. --Carla from Teaching Without Chairs

We have this book and the boys love it!  This is a great book for inspiring kids to play creatively and work through challenges!  -- Sandra from R.E.A.L. - World Learners

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    Encourage your kids to "Dream BIG"!

    The little girl in the book Anna, creates something amazing.  Motivate your kids to create awesome things too!
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    Show your kids the power of tinkering.

    Inspire your kids to create and to invent.  Make them a tinker box!
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    Motivate Your Kids to Be Problem Solvers.

    Anna does research and tinkers until she creates something wonderful!

Meet the author

Shenek Alston

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Shenek Alston is the author of Anna, Kid Engineer and Andre, Kid Aviator.  Shenek is a a mother of 4 and homeschools her children.  She has a PhD in Statistics and a BS in Math but believes that one of her highest callings is to homeschool her children.  Shenek is a Christian, a wife (to Andre), and a mother.  The two books are part of a fictional STEM series for kids.  She hopes her stories will inspire kids to dream big and to help others using their talents. She lives in North Carolina.

Inspire Your Child to be a kid engineer!

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Order Anna, Kid Engineer, the first in a STEM series!
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