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You've already done the hard part. 
Giving your blog new life in ebook and print is a walk in the park. 

You poured heart and soul into your blog posts. But let's face it, SEO and keywords will only take you so far. Readers who will take the time to browse through your archive to discover your wit, wisdom, or insights are few and far between.

Or worse—your blog is out there, languishing on the Internet. You want to preserve those glory days. You keep paying to keep it alive, but your fans have long since flown the coop. What to do?  

Fortunately, a time-tested format has come to save the day—paper! Who knew that publishing a collection of your best essays, stories, rants, or reviews in ebook and print would become the best way to give yourself the author cred you absolutely deserve?  

Use our GenreStar blog-to-book conversion service to attract clients, build a fan base, or preserve a legacy of your work. It takes about a month, and the cost is comparable to a typical moderate email promotion.

We deliver our creative, editorial, and marketing skills, plus our publishing know-how, in an efficient process that has just enough touch points to keep you in the loop, and ensure an outcome that delights you.

Here's how we do it:  

Your book will include bookstore-quality interior formatting, and a custom designed cover and title that connects with your audience—even if it's just an audience of one.  We also provide an optional editing service from a real professional book editor who takes care to preserve your author's voice, while ensuring the writing is clear and consistent.  

   ■ Our prices range from $499 for a blog conversion to ebook and paperback with custom designed cover, to $2499 to orchestrate selected blog posts into a go-to-market book, place it in Amazon's online store, and provide a social media presence that attracts your target readers. 

   ■ We'll prepare a free, candid assessment of your blog's book conversion readiness, and email it to you with a description of our service delivery process. Just submit your email address below—we won't call you unless you ask us to.

Give your blog a book deal

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