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What Tam's Clients Say

Karen St Clair

Karen St Clair

EFT Practitioner

“Working with Tam has been a cascade of A-HA moments leading to positive enhancements within both of my companies; she’s brought synergy to my workflow and organizational skills. "

Tracey Prescott

Tracey Prescott

Serial Entrepreneur

"Working together with Tam empowered me to clear past experiences that were holding me back from becoming the best version of my potential. Tam installed tools within me to create a morning routine to create magic on the daily! This has been such a profound experience that I have my young adult children coaching with her too! Life-changing. "

Hack your hurdles with applied astrology.

Tam Veilleux

Tam Veilleux

Even though I had a deep interest in astrology I avoided it like the plague.

Long words and confusing language. Who needs that?

But in secret, I was really curious, so I got my first reading. 

And then my second.

And third. 

It was the fourth reading when it clicked. Like the sound you hear when you cracked the code of the safe at Fort Knox, a lightbulb went off, and suddenly my Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Sag rising made all the sense in the world. I could finally begin applying the information.

After adding in information from the other planet, the aspects, my expectations and actions began lining up in such a way that making decisions became easier and things fell into place.

Learning astrology didn't need to be daunting but astrologers who read my chart all made it hard. 

I committed to KISSing astrology. I Keep It Super Simple so each person can learn to lean into this ancient art and science that explains so much of our lives. It's the gift I could give back. 


The Energy Almanac was born. Astrological insights and holistic resources for everyone is the gift to humanity that makes astrology easy. You get global insight about how things will shake out and it's applicable to everyone, no matter your sun sign.


Start by learning about you. 

Read the report I'm offering, do your homework, and understand who you are, what you're here to do, and apply it. In the most basic way begin to apply your understanding of these ideas. 

The report will help. I promise.

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