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My Story of Empowered Health with Essential Oils

Austin Witherow

Austin Witherow

I've been using Essential Oils for the last 5 years. I got my first Oils when I was a sophomore in college. Why? I was dead set on winning the years Beard Off.

As a collegiate swimmer, every year from November all the way until our Conference Championship in March, the men (and some of the women) grew out their beards and moustaches. Why? Body hair increases drag in the water, so the bigger the beard, the more difficult the training... meaning the better you'd swim when you shaved it all off. Plus, the winner of the Beard Off was clearly the most alpha on the team.

I looked into beard grooming tips, and ended up getting a random mixture of oils and a nice brush. Guess what? The more I began to use the oils on my beard and with brushing them every day, the thicker and more luxurious my beard began to grow. It was awesome. Everyone was asking how, and I told them to get some oils, a nice brush, and do it at least twice a day.

Fast forward a few years... still using oils for my beard, but I started to look into making my own blends. I really enjoyed mixing together Lavender, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) , Frankincense, Cedarwood and Patchouli because they smelled great. I still didn't really know much about them, until I got a really killer sunburn at the beach one day. One of those lobster red ones.

A friend I was vacationing with was pretty knowledgable with planet medicine, and after poking my sunburn and hearing me yelp, she said, "You've got Melaleuca and Lavendar, right? Go grab them". 

I went in my toiletries kit and grabbed them, and then we headed to store and got some Aloe. We cut that up, and blended it together with some Coconut Oil. Once blended, she added about 8 drops of Melaleuca and Lavender to the mix and stirred. She handed me the jar and said "Take a shower, don't dry off, and rub the mix in. Let it air dry and you'll be fine".

I did just that, and after rubbing the mix on and air drying, I already felt at least 10 times better. I was able to get to sleep easy that night. But when I woke up was really awesome. The lobster red was almost completely gone, and I felt as if I hadn't even gotten a sunburn, and it'd been less than 10 hours. I was convinced, and keep this exact mix in my fridge during the summertime and give it to any of my friends and family that get burnt.

I continued to use them for my beard and the occasional sunburn, but didn't really do much more with them. That was, until I was in a super stressed out spot in Hawai'i (laughable, to be stressed in Paradise huh?).

A combination of too much work on the farm, not eating enough nutrition, and insufficient hydration and left my guts a wreck. I started taking care of myself better after moving off the farm I was working at.

I started getting more water in my system every day, took it a little easy on exerting myself, cleaned up my diet and began doing yoga and meditation. The stress subsided, but I the pain in my guts wasn't clearing up and I was worried. Had I done some sorta permanent damage from stress, or was it something else?

After a few weeks with only moderate improvement, my mind began to think of all sorts of silly things. Maybe I'd gotten parasites while on the farm, what if I got some STD or ate something that posioned me or (insert some crazy shit here). I decided to go to the doctor to get work done to put any crazy ideas to rest. I waited, anxiously twiddled my thumbs as the blood work and samples came in....

All negative. No parasites, looking healthy. "Oh that's interesting" was the only real feedback I got.

I figured that some sort of tension was still going on from the stress, and decided to look into holistic options, including CBD, and even some mud-clay detox drink,

Not really convinced of much, I went to my friend Laura, who invited me to a Lifelong Vitality Study she was starting that week. I asked her some questions about the products we'd be testing, and shared some great info about them, and some cool videos about the (really awesome) sourcing and quality testing of Essential Oils by dōTERRA.

At the time, I was just about out of my Beard Oil and Sunburn Oils. I remembered how well they'd worked for my Sunburn, and my beard is clearly winning due to these oils... so I thought, maybe this could help too?

So, I asked her about oils that help with soothing nerve pain, help with stress and keeping me grounded, and if she knew anything about oils for male health in general.

We looked up some information together in her Essential Life book she brought along, and we decided that for a month, I try the following:

1. Take the Lifelong Vitality Pack (amazing set of vitamins, omega complex and cellular energy report supplements) daily
2. Take 2 drops of Copaiba and 1 drop of Frankincense under the tongue and press it there for a few minutes until absorbed, twice daily.

I got these items, restocked my Beard and Sunburn oils, and immediately noticed the difference in quality of the oils by dōTERRA. I started to take the supplements, which I noticed really helped with my energy levels during the day. I really loved the taste of the Copaiba and Frankincense, and ended up doing this 3, even 4 times a day (which is TOTALLY SAFE with (most) of dōTERRAs Essential Oils and their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard. Not all should be ingested though!)

Life went on, and after a week or so, I realised that the nerve pain was dramatically subsiding. Some days, I didn't experience any at all. Eventually, it stopped all together. In fact, it's been over 5 months since I started with the protocols she recommended, and I haven't experienced any since.

I even stopped taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack, Copaiba and Frankincense to see if it had REALLY helped, and not just hidden the symptoms. After a 2 week break from any of the protocols, no returning nerve pain.

It was gone, 100%.

Imagine... whatever that recurring stress, pain, health problem or concern you have... simply just going away, for good?

Ranging a wide variety of applications, Essential Oils can provide natural solutions for common health concerns such as Arthritis, Poor Sleep, Emotional Stability, Chronic Fatigue, Cold Sores, the Common Cold and other Seasonal threats, and so much more.

In this FREE Email Course, you'll learn exactly how Essential Oils work, and how they can work for you!

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