Welcome to the Zipper Club by Bruce Ballister 

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There’s nothing more frightening than when your heart isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to... except possibly when the heart of someone you love is in trouble. "Welcome to the Zipper Club" shares what to expect and how to survive beyond the surgery, as told from the author's firsthand experience.

About the book

Welcome to the Zipper Club tells the story of Bruce Ballister's unexpected diagnosis with heart issues and his journey to understand the impact coronary artery bypass surgery would have on his body and life. Finding only bulleted lists on medical websites when he researched what to expect, Bruce decided to write the book he had been looking for so that others who followed after him would have more to go on. Written during his recovery, this book shares his struggles and insights as he healed from surgery and adapted to living a healthier lifestyle.

What you'll learn

5 Reasons You Should Read Welcome to the Zipper Club

What does it feel like to have had your chest cracked open? What should you expect before and after surgery? There isn’t a better place to turn to for answers to these questions than Bruce Ballister's firsthand account of coronary artery bypass surgery. 

Welcome to the Zipper Club is not a medical textbook. It is a real story, unvarnished and detailed to a degree not everyone will find comfortable. Throughout it all is an intimate sharing of what to expect from heart surgery, how to cope while you're healing, and what's needed to avoid a repeat performance. 

Here are five things you can expect to learn when you pick it up.

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    What to expect as you prepare for your surgery

    Not all heart patients have the option of choosing when to have their surgery. Some find themselves faced with it after exiting an ambulance at the hospital's front door. But for those who have time to prepare, Bruce will share some of the things he saw to beforehand.
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    How it feels to have had your chest cracked open

    There's a reason why heart patients are referred to as members of the "zipper club." After the operation, your sternum will be sewn back together with wire, leaving you with a permanent zipper that's going to take time to heal. 
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    Why a support team is so important for your recovery

    You're going to be limited in what can do, probably before and after surgery. Having a support team to help you is going to be crucial to your sanity as well as your healing.
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    How to transition back home

    Being released from the hospital doesn't mean everything's back to normal. Simple things like bathing, getting dressed, and sitting down are likely to require some adjustments, but so will your eating habits and exercise routine. 
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    What you need to do to avoid a repeat performance

    Having been through it once,  you will NOT want to go through it a second time. Here's what you need to know to avoid an encore.

Meet the author

Bruce Ballister

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Like many people, Bruce Ballister’s youth as a skinny kid did not presage his obese adulthood. Although slender through high school, the U.S. Army and college life, his waist size grew from 26˝ to 30˝ by the age of thirty, finally stabilizing at 38˝ in his 60s.

The news of his heart disease came as a shock. His search for understanding what to expect from quadruple bypass surgery and recovery led to the writing of this book.

A story of triumph over fear When surviving heart surgery

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